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Crypto casinos

The world’s best crypto casinos tested by our experts. We don’t just look at Bitcoin Casinos, but at all cryptocurrencies used in online casinos!

The term crypto casinos only came into being in the last few years and only summarizes the casinos in which payment with cryptocurrencies works. Because we are big enthusiasts when it comes to cryptocurrencies, but at the same time have been active in the casino industry for a long time, the topic for this portal arose.

We want to compare the best crypto casinos for you, draw your attention to potential stumbling blocks and of course help. First though, our leaderboard for those of you who already know what this is about.

Different types of crypto casinos

It is important to understand that there are three different types of crypto casinos:

  • Pure bitcoin casinos

  • Multi-cryptocurrency crypto casinos

  • Casinos that have both cryptocurrencies and FIAT options

Pure bitcoin casinos

This variant is the one that started it all. The first pure crypto casinos were really there to circumvent gambling laws. It was always about the USA, where casinos like Bodog then switched to Bitcoin to serve the black market in the USA.

These times are largely over and the new pure Bitcoin casinos are really based on the basic idea of the large Bitcoin fan base. Overall, however, they have become very rare because most Bitcoin casinos have now become crypto casinos.

Multi-currency crypto casinos

This is our favorite variant and certainly the variant that we see more and more often. A casino remains exclusively a crypto casino without a FIAT option, but numerous crypto currencies are offered. There seem to be few limits now, as there are casinos with 20-30 different cryptocurrencies.

We are of course big friends of such options, since there is no need to change and you can use the cheapest currency or whatever currency you prefer.

Depositing with a wide range of cryptocurrencies is ideal for us.

Bitcoin gambling with FIAT and crypto options

This is by far the most common variant. The reason is quite simple: Casinos naturally also want to serve as many customer layers as possible, so both variants are offered.

What we see is that it is not really a disadvantage, because as a crypto fan you simply move in your area without any negative influence. Another reason why we see such constructions are numerous white label casinos.

A whitelabel casino is a turnkey solution that a business can buy. The operator only has to design. Support and marketing take over and the rest is done by the B2B provider. It is therefore in the interest of the white label provider to cover as many things as possible so that their solution is bought.

Basically, we also find this variant very good as long as it is implemented cleanly and the crypto deposit is easy and has been implemented well.

The currencies in crypto casinos

What currencies are there in crypto casinos besides the big bitcoin? Well, the answer will surprise many, because there are surprisingly many. Ether will of course be the first thing that comes to mind for everyone, but that’s just one of many. There are now around 30 options that we see in casinos. In the end we will always praise the casinos that offer deposit using as many methods as possible.

Very common:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)

  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

  • Litecoin (LTC)

  • Ethereum (ETH)

  • Ripple (XRP)

Less common but still found:

  • dash

  • Dogecoin (DOGE)

  • Tether (USDT)

  • Monero (XMR)

  • EOS

  • Chainlink (LINK)

  • TRON (TRX)

  • Binance (BNB)

  • Cardano (ADA)

  • NEO coin

  • Ethereum Classic

  • Bitcoin SV

  • And some others

Advantages of Best bitcoin casino

The advantages are numerous, because there are different motivations for wanting to play with cryptocurrencies.

  • Less government control. In the meantime, every player spin is stored centrally at casinos regulated in Germany and all information is shared with the authorities.

  • Idealism: whoever, like us, really believes in blockchain technology and also in cryptocurrencies as part of the future, also wants to ensure their spread.

  • Less annoying financial institutions: When it comes to casinos, banks are always curious about where the money comes from. But is that her business?

  • Simple and cheap handling: with most cryptocurrencies the costs are minimal AND with modern technology the credit can be immediately available by credit card.

However, the advantages also go into great detail and in this case even down to the bonus offers. A welcome bonus in FIAT money is usually very limited. However, what we see with Crypto Casinos is that bonus offers can even go up to 5 Bitcoin, which would actually mean a six-digit sum as a bonus.

Disadvantages of Casino bitcoin

It would be unfair for us to only mention the pros, as there are definitely cons that we feel guilty about minimizing.

  • Regulation: Because states are so negative towards cryptocurrencies, there are almost only offshore casinos that are regulated on islands like Curaçao (we are here to test them first)

  • Distribution: yes, the mentioned trick with the credit card that is connected to the account is really great, but otherwise it is sometimes really difficult to use cryptocurrencies in everyday life.

  • While we always recommend cold wallets for large balances, you ideally need an online wallet as a stopover. We strongly recommend using two-factor authentication here!

Some critics say that this is not real money, especially when they see the extreme bonus offers with the welcome bonus. We would strongly disagree here, since any cryptocurrency can of course be converted into “classic” real money very easily.

What is often really meant by the criticism is that a classic casino cannot keep up with the deposit bonus at a crypto casino. The criticism of the large exchange rate fluctuations is also more than questionable at a time when every government is increasingly devaluing its own currency by printing money 比特幣賭場.

The situation in the Online gambling bitcoin

We have been observing the market for a long time and, like you, are fascinated by the development. There are always new online casinos coming onto the market that establish cryptocurrencies as the main method for deposits and withdrawals.

Bitcoin as the “driver” of the movement naturally offers the largest number of casinos. Chainlink Casinos, EOS Casinos, Monero Casinos, TRON Casinos and DASH Casinos, on the other hand, are still very rare. However, we firmly believe that other casinos will also follow suit in order to achieve the greatest possible acceptance among coin owners.

There are now even DOGECOIN casinos, which, given the fact that this coin was actually just a “fun” for the developers, characterizes the volatile market and unpredictable trends. Ethereum Casinos and Bitcoin Cash Casinos, the BTC offshoot, can be found on our site. We always keep an eye on this market for you and only bring you the casinos that meet our strict criteria.

Bitcoin gambling sites test criteria

Absolutely important topic, because playing around at the casino will certainly not be enough to really put a test online. We want to show you here what our factors are:

game selection

The game selection is the part of the product that we use all the time, so it has to fit here. Our concern is whether we find a healthy mix. Not every casino can offer several thousand slots at the same time, but it can still be excellent.

We see if there are enough highlights in each category, but also if enough new games go online.


The topic of software is very closely connected to both the slot selection and the live casino. Hardly any casino really makes its own machines or its own live casino. This is always purchased from the individual software manufacturers.

And this is exactly where there are very different approaches. Some take some big names and give them the best options for customers (like 888 does) and others try to offer as many games as possible. We go into every test report on how this is handled.

live casino

Live casinos have become an absolutely essential part of a casino. Many players prefer the real feeling here. But here too there are several things to consider. Evolution Gaming is the largest provider, BUT not every casino books the same packages.

There can be big differences when it comes to the selection of tables and limits, and the really strong casinos even have several live casinos under one roof.

Payment Methods Bitcoin casinos 2022 & Fiat

The choice of payment options can of course affect the rating, but it’s about much, much more at the end of the day. How fast is paid out? How easy is it to use, including deposits and withdrawals? What are the charges if there are any?

We emphasize that there are also very good casinos without cryptocurrencies. We could definitely consider some here too, if the rest fits.


The bonus is always easy. On the one hand it’s about height, on the other hand it’s about the conditions. A high bonus has no value for us as long as the sales conditions are not right. There are many pitfalls here that we want to highlight and explain to you.

In our crypto casino tests, we explain to you as many differences as possible between deposit bonuses, free spins or cashbacks, which we are also seeing more and more often. Of course we like free spins no deposit here, but we also tell you the real value.


An easy-to-use website remains the core of a casino, although mobile versions have become even more important. One can easily find and filter all games. The player immediately understands where what is and how to use it. These are all questions that cannot be ignored.

Mobile site and app

As already mentioned, it is now almost more important, since more players play mobile than on a PC, laptop or tablet. This is very much about the art of getting the operation on a small screen as perfect as possible. Anyone who can do that has big plus points with us.

customer support

Customer support is important, although at a good casino we should never need it. Nevertheless, this starts with things like a good FAQ corner and ends with a live chat and co. In addition to the contact options, we rate the quality of the answers to our test questions very highly.

Should I Play at Casino with bitcoin?

In our opinion, there is a lot to be said for crypto casinos. First and foremost is the somewhat greater freedom in terms of regulation and the almost anonymous use. Thanks to connected prepaid cards, the credit can now also be used very well.

Nevertheless, you should never forget that this is gambling and that crypto is of course the better money, BUT it is YOUR money and you should be very smart with it, especially when gambling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What advantages do Crypto Casinos offer me?

The big advantage of crypto casinos is also the big advantage of cryptocurrencies themselves and this is: freedom . In crypto casinos there are no restrictions on the game selection or how much you can bet (WARNING: self-control is really important here) and the government does not follow you at every turn.

What is the Best Cryptocurrency for a Top crypto casinos?

It is best to use the currency that you really have and want to use in your everyday life, otherwise you have to change back and forth too often and too expensively.

Which gambling licenses allow the use of cryptocurrencies?

Currently, both the German gambling license and the Maltese license do not allow the use of cryptocurrencies, but the license of Curacao and other more “distant” states allow it.

Can I Play Table Games at a Crypto Casino?

Yes, absolutely. Table games are not a problem at these casinos. As always, the table games count for little or no wagering on the welcome bonus or any deposit bonus, but these rules have long been known from classic real money casinos.

Is there really anonymity at Best bitcoin casino 2022?

The question of anonymity is not one that we can easily answer. There are very different levels of anonymity here. If you choose a crypto-only casino like, deposit Cardano using a very anonymous method, then you can probably even fill out the account with fantasy names and have pretty good anonymity. As a counterargument here, we often hear that this would not speak for seriousness, but in the end the protection of one’s own identity is a good and valuable fundamental right.

This is exactly why so many payment options have sprung up within the crypto scene. Bitcoin offers solid protection, but Monero can actually be used completely anonymously, no matter where you deposit.

In which currency is the player account kept in a crypto casino?

The player account is simply kept in multiple currencies, so you have a clean separation and the player account does not cause you to be subject to exchange rate fluctuations.